Aluminum Boats

A sweet aluminum boat on the Columbia River

Knowledge of aluminum boats is at the core of who 3 Rivers Marine is. From day one, we’ve been an aluminum boats worst critic and it’s biggest fan. We’ve worked to make them better and to this day we’re obsessive about how they perform and last for our customers. They are a tool of the trade for those of us that love to fish here in the Pacific Northwest and our passion for this segment of the market is what separates 3 Rivers Marine from the rest. We exist for the community of fishermen, new and old, that love the sport the way we do. It’s why our company was founded and to this day, the love of fishing is why we continue to serve.

Aluminum boats offer the durability, performance, and customization options that fishermen need. A NW fishing boat endures some of the most difficult conditions found in the world. From salt to pounding waves, gravel bars to the heavy interior use that these boats take, aluminum boats are simply the best choice when all things are considered. 3 Rivers Marine is considered the #1 dealer for Aluminum boats in the NW, because no one carries the manufacturer lineup and offers the model options that 3RM can.

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Alumaweld Boats

3 Rivers Marine is the NW’s favorite place to buy New and Used Alumaweld Boats. As the top selling aluminum boat brand in the country, Alumaweld offers numerous model options. Blackhawk, Talon, Sport Skiff, Super Vee, Formula Vee, Stryker, Intruder and Super Vee Pro Elite. It’s a best in class line up that fishermen far and wide have come to love.

North River Boats

North River boats create a incredible boat for those looking  to fish the high lakes, Puget Sound and Columbia River. The North River Seahawk has quickly become one of 3 Rivers Marine’s most popular models. The North River Seahawk Offshore OS is a big water performance beast and comes is lengths from 23-32′.

Duckworth Boats

A symbol of aluminum boat quality in the NW, the Duckworth Offshore offers jaw dropping performance along with it’s beautiful construction. At home in the nastiest of conditions, the Duckworth Offshore offers comfort and amenities that are hard to match in the open water world.

Used Aluminum Boats

Not everyone is looking for a new aluminum boat and 3 Rivers Marine is just as finicky about the used boats that we offer our customers. All our used boats are inspected and prepared for their next owner. Many of the boats that we have here are the same boats that we sold new years ago. These long time 3 Rivers Marine customers are simply ready for another boat and are passing it on to the next fisherman. If you’re in the market for a used boat, check out our constantly changing used inventory. There’s a reason we sell more used aluminum boats than anyone in the Seattle, Woodinville area!

Custom Fabrication

One of the most convenient things about aluminum boats is our ability to custom fabricate parts and components that make our days on the water even better. Our custom fabrication department has built thousands of parts and build outs for our fishing customers. Bait stations, downrigger brackets, transom boxes, storage areas- you name it and we can build it right here on site. It’s simply more evidence that we are, ALL IN, on aluminum boats.

a fish finder box being welded into the side of an aluminum boat

Aluminum Boat Repair

Conditions in the Pacific Northwest our tough to say the least. Accidents happen and have happened to the best of us. Let the team that knows your aluminum boat better than anyone get your boat back in order. Whether you’re making a claim with your insurance company or not, we’ll work through the details to make sure your situation is a thing of the past. With years of experience in the aluminum boat market, on staff welders and fabricators, 3 Rivers Marine is the place to go should you need your boat repaired.

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