Time to Winterize!


Beat the rush. Beat the freeze!

Boaters tend to wait too long to properly winterize their boat and engine and before we know it winter sneaks up on us bringing freezing temperatures and a rush to get in for service resulting in a longer wait than anticipated. The following are the most important issues to prepare for.

  • Freeze damage
  • Fuel issues
  • Internal corrosion
  • Protective storage

Freeze damage to inboard motors and lower units are a disaster. Cracked blocks and split metal is not a good thing and to make matters worse insurance companies will not cover damage due to neglect of maintenance! Flushing and backfilling your cooling system with marine anti-freeze will eliminate this type of damage.

Fuel issues can lead to nightmares! With today’s ethanol enhanced gasoline mixture cold weather will cause separation from the gasoline ethanol-water attracting combination and settle at the bottom of your tank corroding welded seams and stripping anodizing. Come fishing season these particles will get into your fuel injectors and carbureted engines will suffer the same problems. The same issues will also happen inside the motor. Believe me on this one! Try tearing into a kicker engine in the dark with a flashlight trying to get your motor running good for the next morning of fishing after the jets get clogged of from bad fuel contaminates!

Internal corrosion is one of the most often overlooked causes of engine failure. This silent motor killer builds up over time due to not properly fogging internal bearing, seals and rotating surfaces with a thin coat of protective lubricant.

Protective storage is one of the best preventative maintenance items you can do. We all would love to have a heated enclosed storage facility to protect our boats from the winter elements but if that is not an option a great alternative is to have your boat shrink wrapped.

Three Rivers Marine offers these winterization services for all types of boats and motors to keep your boat running worry free and ready for next season. Call or stop by to talk to our expert service advisors and get your boat ready for winter.