November 20th, 2017 Fishing Report

Snohomish River Fishing Report

The Skykomish and Wallace River has been putting out some hatchery coho still as well as the occasional winter run steelhead that is starting to make their return upriver. The steelhead fishing should continue to get better turning red hot as the temperatures get colder and more water fills the river system. Most anglers can find great success bank fishing up by the Reiter Ponds Hatchery as well as the mouth of the Wallace River. To target these fish anglers can employ a variety of techniques such as float fishing with a jig, drift fishing with bait or a corky and yarn or beads, or even fishing spoons or spinners. Pink, white, peach and nightmare pattern jigs tend to be the most productive for winter steelhead depending on water clarity. Tipping your jig with a piece of shrimp if allowed can help increase your catch rate.

The Snoqualmie river will also produce a fair amount of winter steelhead and those looking to target these fish should look to fish around Tokul Creek, Plum Landing, Big Eddy, or downtown Fall City where the Raging River flows into the Snoqualmie. Anglers can use the same tackle for the Snoqualmie as you would in the Skykomish River.

Those looking to learn more about catching winter steelhead should come and check out our free winter steelhead seminar on December 9th to listen to some of the top steelhead fisherman in the state!

Green River Chum:

Those looking for a battle should head down to the Green River to play tug of war with some feisty Chum Salmon. Anglers can find great success either floating a jig tipped with prawn or drifting a corky and yarn. Chum tend to like colors such as Purple and Chartreuse or Black. The Chum run continues all the way into Mid December with the peak of the run around Thanksgiving. Those looking to fish for chum should fish around the Metzler park area.

Puget Sound Blackmouth:

Although Area 8-1,8-2, and 9 have been closed to Blackmouth fishing for now Area 10 remains open and fishing has been good. The best places to fish in Area 10 have been Jefferson Head and the Kingston area. If you are looking to chase these Blackmouth in Area 10 expect to have to weed through some undersized fish to find a few keepers. The blackmouth have been biting on coho killer spoons in cookies and cream and herring aide and hoochies in green splatterback or glow white. One way to try and avoid the smaller undersized fish is to run Tomic Plugs without a flasher. Both the 4 and 5” Tomic Tubby are great choices for a bigger bait that appeals to the bigger blackmouth while limiting the amount of shakers you will catch.

Beaver Lake Trout:

Beaver lake in Sammamish has received jumbo trout plants on October 20th as well as November 20th. These trout average about 2-3# and are a great fight on light tackle. It’s a great winter time fishery to catch some big trout. To target these trout anglers can either still fish or troll. Those still fishing will use powerbait or power eggs on the bottom or a worm floated with a marshmallow. Leader length for the best success is around 2-4’ in length. Those looking to troll can use baits such as wedding rings or flatfish or needlefish spoons. Don’t be afraid to fish in less than 10’ of water as when the fish first get released they tend to hug the shallow shorelines and swim in big schools so doubles can be common.