Boat Consignment

Looking to sell your used boat or work with a boat broker to help you sell your boat?

Alumaweld boats for sale near Seattle, WA

Selling your boat on your own can be a struggle and quite often it will take longer than you expect. The team at 3 Rivers Marine consists of not only knowledgeable boat experts, but also fully licensed and insured boat brokers through Washington state. Through our marine consignment boat sales program, our near Seattle location offers many used boats for sale. As a boat brokerage company with a vast inventory of new and used boats for sale in Woodinville, our proficiency of selling boats is something we can help you do quickly! With our continued success rate of selling used boats, we urge you to come speak with our experienced sales staff to help take the process of selling your rig off of your hands.

Once you have dropped your boat off to our location, the team at 3 Rivers Marine will handle the rest of the sales process moving forward. We have provided a list below of items needed and services we will provide for you.

Marine Boat Consignment Services Provided:

  1. Your boat will be pictured and advertised across our website. Additional advertisement methods are available if requested.
  2. We handle all phone calls, emails, text messages and “foot traffic” on your boat, along with showing your boat to all potential buyers.
  3. All legitimate offers are put into writing and presented to the seller for approval.
  4. We offer financing and insurance options, which is a huge benefit when trying to sell a more expensive boat.
  5. We handle scheduling and conducting “demo” rides with buyers that have an accepted (by seller) offer.
  6. When financing is involved, 3 Rivers Marine will handle all DMV and loan paperwork with the buyer.

Don’t continue to allow your used boat to collect dust in the garage. Let the experts at 3 Rivers Marine minimize the duration and hassle of selling your boat by letting us do it for you!

If you are also considering the thought of wanting to “sell your boat today”, give 3 Rivers Marine a call. It is possible we can make you a fair offer on your used boat!

Many of our more popular used boats for sale are our used alumaweld boats. As a new & used boat dealer, we buy and sell used boats and consider all used boats for consignment boat sales and boat brokerage.

If you would like to learn more about our marine boat consignment program, give us a call at (425) 415-1575.