North River Boats

North River Boats has been located in Roseburg, Oregon since its inception in 1974. With the variety of boating and fishing opportunities throughout Douglas county, North River Boat’s designers have the unique opportunity to design and test vessels in a variety of conditions – from shallow rivers, to deep lakes and reservoirs, to the ocean.

There are few boats in the world that so clearly demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between the builder and its ultimate owner. North River boats are, and will always be, crafted by people who love to drive them, fish them, and simply sit back and admire them. These are people who put integrity before mediocrity. They skillfully balance pride and performance. They allow experience to guide them and their devotion to maintain a steady course.

North River Seahawk

The North River Seahawk is as beautiful as it is functional. The hull is shaped and precision welded to increase strength and create a smooth seamless surface to maximize ride, engine efficiency and performance. The Deep Vee bottom shape, along with specially calibrated strakes, precision extruded chines and offshore bracket are responsible for the Seahawks quick planning, straight tracking and highly controlled turns. Fishing purists have long championed the extremely well-built Seahawk as the most comfortable smooth riding, spacious and stable fishing platform in its class.

North River Seahawk Hard Top

Seahawk Performance. Hard Top comfort. The popularity of the North River Seahawk is evident wherever you look. First and foremost, it’s about the ride. Like all other North Rivers the Seahawk Hard Top is made entirely of premium quality marine grade aluminum alloy. The hull is shaped and precision welded to increase strength and create a smooth seamless surface to maximize ride, engine efficiency and performance. The expansive rear deck allows ample room to showcase your talents and land the big fish. So cruise offshore for endless miles, navigate inland bays or deltas in ultimate comfort and with the utmost confidence.

North River Seahawk Offshore OS

The North River Seahawk Offshore OS is the #1 pick for those looking for a boat that can handle the elements, comfortably and safely. A leading choice by military, patrol and  commercial users, recreational owners will enjoy the rugged build quality and creature comforts that will allow you to go in confidence where other boats only dream of going. The North River Seahawk OS comes in beam widths up to 9’6″ making for an incredibly stable offshore experience. Side heights range from 36-42″ allowing for passenger safety and protection in confused conditions. Lengths are available in 23′, 25′, 27′ and 29′ variations and larger models are available upon request. Bottom thicknesses are a full quarter inch to endure years of pounding and difficult conditions. .190 side thicknesses create the rigidity necessary to combat the deflection that boats might have to absorb over it’s lifetime. All Seahawk Offshores boast an Alaskan Bulkhead, 55 degree entry for stable rigid entry into wind chop and swell, large capacity fuel tanks to take you farther than ever before and factory installed hydraulic steering for responsiveness. Simply put, the North River Seahawk Offshore OS is built to last.