Fishing Report January 8th, 2018

Skykomish & Wallace River Steelhead:

The steelhead fishing on both the Skykomish and Wallace River has stayed consistent with multiple fish being caught every day on both rivers. Our steelhead derby is still running till January 15th so make sure to bring in all those fish you guys catch for a chance at some great prizes. Anglers are finding success fishing both rivers with a variety of techniques such as jigs, beads and spoons. The most popular jigs have been those in either a white, pink or nightmare pattern in either 1/16 or 1/8oz size. Anglers fishing beads have been finding success either drift fishing or fishing them under a float. The most popular bead sizes have been those in the 12-14mm range in lighter more natural colors as the river levels drop clearing up in between rain storms. Lastly the other technique anglers are using to coax the steelhead into biting is throwing spoons at them in the fast water. Spoons in the 2/5-2/3oz size in either a gold, brass or nickel finish have been responsible for some of the fish we have weighed in our derby. The best advice to anglers heading up to either the Skykomish or Wallace is to be patient and bring a variety of tackle to fish different techniques to maximize your catching potential.`

Snoqualmie River & Tokul Creek Steelhead:

The Snoqualmie River and Tokul Creek continue to be kicking out some steelhead in both the main river near plum landing and big eddy and up Tokul Creek. The Tokul Creek fishery opened a few weeks early do to meeting their hatchery escapement numbers. Anglers have been finding success in Tokul Creek fishing either pencil lead and bait or pencil lead and yarn fishing behind the main big rocks in the creek. Those fishing the main river have been focusing their efforts around plum landing or just upriver at big eddy. Anglers fishing either of those spots have been fishing with a bobber and jig. Popular jig colors for the Snoqualmie have been white, pink, nightmare as well as red. These fisheries will close either January 31st or February 15th depending on what part of the river you are fishing.

Saltwater Blackmouth:

Blackmouth fishing recently opened on January 1st in Area 7 and remains open in Area 10. Results have been good in both areas for those getting on the water. The blackmouth in Area 7 tend to run bigger than those in Area 10 for those wanting to catch bigger fish. Anglers out chasing blackmouth have been using techniques such as spoons, hoochies and plugs. Those looking to avoid the smaller fish and target the bigger blackmouth should use Tomic plugs in both the 4” and 5” tubby size in colors 602 and 603. Those wanting to use spoons should pick up silver horde coho killers in White Lightning, Herring Aide, and Cookies and Cream to match the candlefish the blackmouth are feeding on during the winter. The best hoochie colors have been any sort of glow green splatter back or purple haze. Remember during the winter to keep your gear down near the bottom as that’s where the blackmouth spend the majority of their time feeding. Area 7 is scheduled to stay open until April 30th while Area 10 is set to close February 28th.


Remember to keep bringing in your Snohomish, Skykomish, Wallace, Snoqualmie and Tokul Creek steelhead as our derby has a week to go. Any fish can win you a random drawing. So the more you weigh the better chance of a prize!