Fishing Report February 21st, 2018

Puget Sound Blackmouth:

Fishing for blackmouth in Puget Sound has been picking up since the reopening of Area 8-1, 8-2 and 9, while Area 7 and Area 10 remain open. Anglers heading out to fish for blackmouth in any of the open areas should bring a variety of spoons and needlefish sized ace hi flies. The most popular spoons have been the Silver Horde Kingfisher in the 2” size as well as candlefish imitations such as the Silver Horde Coho Killer and Gibbs Skinny G.

Get the right gear to be successful!

Popular spoon colors have been herring aide, cookies and cream, junkyard dog and resurrection splatter cream. Green splatter back and Cop Car have been the best colors in the needlefish sized Ace Hi Fly. Finding the bait has been key to the success of catching the winter blackmouth in Puget Sound. The bait is running smaller right now in Puget Sound which is why the anglers that have been finding great success have been running smaller presentations.

Kent Alger with a nice Puget Sound Blackmouth

Lake Sammamish and Lake Washington Cutthroat:

Both Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish have been fishing well for cutthroat trout. Anglers fishing either lake are using Wedding rings tipped with night crawlers, small orange label herring, or spoons such as needlefish. The most productive wedding ring colors have been the double whammy’s in either red or green. Popular needlefish spoon colors have been either a frog or perch pattern (Metallic or barred). Fish have been caught right on the surface all the way to about 30’ down on both lakes.

Popular spots on the lake!

Anglers fishing Lake Sammamish should focus their attention around the mouth of Issaquah Creek or around the Weather Station in the middle of the lake. Lake Washington anglers should spend their time around the floating bridges as well as the South end of Mercer Island and around the mouth of the Cedar River. The fish are plentiful in both lakes and provide a great local opportunity to catch some fish!

Beautiful Lake Sammamish Cutthroat provide a great local fishing opportunity!

Winter Steelhead Opportunities:

Although the local steelhead opportunities on the Snohomish system have now closed anglers still can get out and chase some winter steelhead around the state. Anglers have the choice of fishing the Coastal waters or can head down south and focus their attention on rivers such as the Cowlitz or Skookumchuck River. Those heading to the Coast have a variety of rivers to be able to chase steelhead on.

Make sure you are prepared!

Whether you are heading to the coast or down south make sure to bring the gear to make you have a successful day on the water! Anglers heading to the coast should make sure to bring some pink worms such as the worms made by WFO. These worms are great for catching those big steelhead that are continuing to enter the river systems.

Anglers fishing both the coast or down south should also make sure to have a variety of spoons as well as jigs and beads. Steelhead beads both soft and hard in sizes from 8mm-20mm have been responsible for a handful of steelhead caught on the river systems recently. Floating a jig is always a great way to catch steelhead on any river system any time of the year as well. The standard colors such as white, nightmare, peach, and black are must haves in any steelhead fisherman’s jig box. Lastly, make sure to carry a few different sizes and colors of spoons such as the R&B or Pen Tac to generate aggressive heart stopping bites from a steelhead when all else fails!

Beautiful Native Steelhead like the one above await anglers willing to put their time in on the Coast!


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