Fishing Report 9/21

Salmon Fishing:

Salmon fishing remains strong in Puget Sound with bigger silvers showing up by the day with the fresh rains. Anglers looking to take advantage of this fishery should troll flashers with either a small spoon or hoochie behind it. Popular flasher colors would be purple haze, green glow and any of the pro troll lighted flashers. Popular spoons have been the smaller kingfisher 2” size and coho killers in colors such as herring aide, cookies and cream and white lightning. The best hoochies have been purple haze or ace hi fly needlefish in any sort of glow splatterback color with a herring strip.

Popular areas for coho have been around the Edmonds Oil docks area as well as up north in Area 9. Remember that area 10 stays open thru October while Area 9 closes end of September. Anglers should look for the shipping lanes in 300-500’ of water and fish from the top of the water column down to around 100’ as sunlight hits the water. Make sure to keep up a good speed on your troll as coho like to chase baits and changing speeds or adding turns into your troll can convince a coho to take a swipe at your gear!

River fishing has been picking up on the Skagit and the Green river for coho salmon. Anglers looking to fish for salmon in the rivers should be prepared to fish with either bait or with hardware. Anglers looking to fish with bait should use cured salmon eggs or sandshrimp under a float. Our most popular egg cure has been the Zilla Baits Salmon Red Radzberry.

Anglers looking to fish with hardware should grab a handful of spinners, brads wigglers, dick nites and twitching jigs. Popular spinner colors would be pink, purple, blue, and chartreuse, make sure to add a hoochie skirt to the back of your spinner to add a little more action to your spinner. Popular wiggler colors are firetiger, red herringbone and purple of any variation. Anglers looking to fish a dick nite should grab a handful of the size 1 dick nites in 50/50 or frog as this is a great way to get those picky coho to bite in the river. Lastly, twitching jigs are a great way to target coho when the water is low and clear, dark colored twitching jigs in 3/8 and 1/2oz sizes tend to be the most popular for anglers.

Salmon fishing remains open on the Upper Columbia and has been a consistent fishery for Chinook. Trolling 360 flashers with either spinners, superbaits or spinfish are a popular way to catch these upriver salmon.

Lake Fishing:

Perch fishing has been red hot on Lake Washington and will continue to be that way as we keep moving towards fall. This is a super popular yet still underrated fishery that is local and can produce lots of fish and great for getting the whole family involved. Fishing in 20-40’ of water using small Swedish pimples or a dropshot rig with a piece of nightcrawler will produce tons of these tasty little fish and its fast and furious action for the whole family.

Bass fishing has been productive on the lake as well as the smallmouth have started settling into their fall spots, look for deep weedlines or submerged rock piles in 20-40’. Target these fish using football heads and dropshot rigs.