Fishing Report 03/02/2020

Steelhead fishing continues to pick up!

The fishing on the Cowlitz river has continued to pick up and the numbers of steelhead in the system are increasing daily, the quality of the fish has been impressive as well with reports of 12-18lb hatchery steelhead in the mix. Anglers that have been having success have been side drifting beads as well as bait. The Olympic Peninsula has been productive as well fishing for native steelhead with the big bruising native steelhead starting to make their appearance, anglers have been fishing hardware such as spoons or fishing big wfo worms or  BNR soft beads being a very popular choice as well as hard beads such as steelhead beads for these hyper aggressive bruisers!

Blackmouth fishing in the sound!!

Blackmouth fishing is open in all local areas now and the fishing has been good. The San Juan Islands has been the best producer for not only numbers but size as well. Fishing in the rest of the sound has been decent as of late, those that have been able to find the bait balls have been able to scratch out a fish here and there. The top producing lures have been coho killers in herring aide, white lightning and cookies and cream. Kingfisher 2.5″ and 3″ in the same colors have been producing fish as well. The local fisheries have been slow but still are kicking out some fish for those that are able to locate the few bait balls and stay on top of them!

Kokanee fishing statewide!!

Kokanee fishing anglers have been finding great success on the  Eastern Washington fisheries of Lake Chelan and Lake Roosevelt, as well as the local fishery of Lake Stevens! The most popular tactics have been trolling some sort of dodger such as a dick nite or macks double d followed by some sort of spinner or squid! Make sure you are tipping your presentation with cured shoepeg corn to add some smell and attraction to your presentation. If you want to potentially upsize your average kokanee size we recomend running the kokanee cut plug packed full of bloody tuna scent to trick some of the big kokanee these lakes have to offer!

Local bass fishing!

Largemouth bass fishing has begun to pick up on the westside of the state with the increased sunlight and daylight we have been seeing as we inch closer to spring. Fishing slow moving presentations such as a jig or a senko is a great way to attract an early season largemouth, if you want to fish moving baits fishing a spinnerbait, chatterbait or swimbait slowly can account for some great early season fish!

The smallmouth fishing remains very strong on Lake Washington as healthy smallmouth are being caught anywhere from 20-60′ deep on a variety of techniques. Most popular techniques have been dropshots or football heads with baitfish imitation plastics or small swimbaits to imitate sculpin!


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