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Summer Crab Fishing Set to Open in most areas July 4th!

Crab fishing is set to open July 4th in Marine Areas 4,5,6,8-1,8-2,9,10 and 12 with Marine Area 7 South San Juan Islands opening July 11th and Area 7 Gulf of Georgia opening August 15th.

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Fishing Report September 13th, 2018

Local Rivers for Coho’s:

The Snohomish and Skykomish and Wallace rivers are set to open for silver salmon this coming Sunday September 16th. The anticipation is high as fish have been seen rolling all the way from the lower Snohomish River up to the mouth of the Sultan River. The fishing should be great for the first few days of the opener with all the proven tactics. Those fishing the lower Snohomish River should troll wiggle warts in colors such as firetiger, cerise, red and orange. Also make sure to have a supply of Mag Lips in both the 3 and 3.5” size in the same colors listed for the wiggle warts.

For those anglers that want to cast or that are fishing up on the Skykomish river make sure to have a supply of dick nites, twitching jigs, and spinners. When it comes to dick nites most anglers cast and retrieve them on a dropper weight style setup. The two most popular dick nite colors are 50/50 and any of the Frog patterns in a size 1. For anglers looking to use spinners look no further than either a Blue Fox in a size 4 and size 5 or an R&B torpedo spinner in a size 4 or size 5 as well. Popular spinner colors consist of blue, pink, orange, and purple. Twitching jigs have become increasingly popular over the last few years to tempt aggressive coho in slower moving frog water. Popular twitching jig colors consist of black/purple, black/blue and chartreuse in 3/8 and 1/2oz sizes.

As the season gets farther along those fishing bait can find great success whether drift or float fishing. Fishing freshly cured eggs or sand shrimp can tempt even the most stubborn of lockjaw silvers into biting.

Make sure to get out early in the opening of the rivers to capitalize on the best fishing opportunity and the best bite.

Puget Sound Salmon:

Puget Sound has been experiencing a great season for Silver Salmon so far and its sure to continue up to the close of the season. With an abundance of salmon still making their way down into Puget Sound from Sekiu there should be enough fish to keep us busy through the end of September and into October in Area 10.

Anglers chasing the silvers in the salt have been finding their best success trolling spoons and or hoochies of some sort behind a flasher. The most productive spoons have been silver horde kingfishers in the 2,3 and 3.5” size. The most popular colors have been herring aide, cookies and cream, and white lightning.

The most productive hoochie colors have been either purple haze or red racer with glow beads and a herring strip for added attraction. Anglers have been finding success in all the areas with Area 10 seeming to be the best area as of late. The silvers are nice size this year with a lot of fishing running in the 8-10# range with reports of silvers up to 16# being caught as well.

Fishing Report June 22nd, 2018

Skykomish River Steelhead:

The Skykomish river has remained great for summer run steelhead those looking to target summer run steelhead should focus their attention up river starting at the Wallace flats and working up river towards the Reiter ponds area. Those looking to target steelhead should be prepared with a supply of jigs, beads, spoons and bait as all those techniques have resulted in plenty of fish making it to the bank.

Popular jig sizes have been both 1/16th and 1/8th oz sizes. The best colors in jigs have been nightmare, peach, orange, white and all black. Most anglers have been using floats in the 1/2oz size to target these fish in the lower clearer water. If floating a jig isn’t your cup of tea think about either drift fishing or float fishing a bead. Popular beads have been the bnr softbeads as well as steelhead beads in both the 10mm and 12mm size. Popular colors have been the more natural red and translucent colors especially as the water starts to drop and clear up over the summer.

Looking for a heart stopping steelhead bite?? Try tossing spoons in some of the tail outs on the upper part of the river and prepare to get your arm ripped off. Spoons are a great way to trigger the aggressive nature of a summer run steelhead after you have finished fishing through an area with slower moving presentations. Popular spoon colors this time of year include 50/50 brass/silver, hammered brass, hammered nickel. Popular brands consist of Pen Tac and R&B spoons.

Skykomish River Kings:

Fishing for kings on the Skykomish has remained fair as the fishing should pick up during the next rise in water. Those looking to chase the kings in the Sky should focus their attention around the Wallace flats as well as the lower river around Lewis Street Bridge and around the prison hole. The best ways to target the kings has been using eggs and sand shrimp in some variety. Float fishing, side drifting and pulling bait behind a diver are all good ways to catch some Skykomish River Kings!

Halibut Fishing:

Halibut Fishing will have one more day of being open on this Saturday the 23rd. Anglers can target the halibut in Marine Areas 3-10. Fishing has remained steady and anglers looking to target the halibut should come with a supply of bait such as black or blue label herring, squid and octopus. Anglers should fish their presentations on a spreader bar and a 7-9” glow hoochie. Take advantage of the last day of halibut fishing Washington will offer this season!

Warmwater fishing:

Anglers should take advantage of the bass and panfishing that Washington state has to offer over the summer as it is a great way to get the family involved! Almost all lakes in Western Washington have some sort of panfish and bass population so it’s a great activity to get kids involved.

When it comes to catching panfish nothing beats a bobber and a worm around any sort of structure such as docks, trees, weeds and lily pads. If you don’t want to use live bait, then fishing a small jig under a float is a great way to catch all panfish species including crappie.

Bass fishing should remain strong throughout the summer on a variety of techniques from soft plastics and jigs to top water. Summer time is a great time to throw top water lures for bass such as frogs and walking style baits. There is nothing quite like seeing a big bass break the surface of the water to eat a lure in the summer! Fishing during the heat of the day anglers should look to fish around any sort of shade as the bass will hunker down during the sunny days to ambush prey and protect their eyes. When fishing around cover anglers should look to fish with slower moving presentations such as a Yamamoto Senko or a Dirty Jigs Pitching Jig with a Strike King Rage Craw trailer. When it comes to lakes most lakes all around western Washington will be able to provide some sort of bass fishing opportunity.

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Fishing Report February 21st, 2018

Puget Sound Blackmouth:

Fishing for blackmouth in Puget Sound has been picking up since the reopening of Area 8-1, 8-2 and 9, while Area 7 and Area 10 remain open. Anglers heading out to fish for blackmouth in any of the open areas should bring a variety of spoons and needlefish sized ace hi flies. The most popular spoons have been the Silver Horde Kingfisher in the 2” size as well as candlefish imitations such as the Silver Horde Coho Killer and Gibbs Skinny G.

Get the right gear to be successful!

Popular spoon colors have been herring aide, cookies and cream, junkyard dog and resurrection splatter cream. Green splatter back and Cop Car have been the best colors in the needlefish sized Ace Hi Fly. Finding the bait has been key to the success of catching the winter blackmouth in Puget Sound. The bait is running smaller right now in Puget Sound which is why the anglers that have been finding great success have been running smaller presentations.

Kent Alger with a nice Puget Sound Blackmouth

Lake Sammamish and Lake Washington Cutthroat:

Both Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish have been fishing well for cutthroat trout. Anglers fishing either lake are using Wedding rings tipped with night crawlers, small orange label herring, or spoons such as needlefish. The most productive wedding ring colors have been the double whammy’s in either red or green. Popular needlefish spoon colors have been either a frog or perch pattern (Metallic or barred). Fish have been caught right on the surface all the way to about 30’ down on both lakes.

Popular spots on the lake!

Anglers fishing Lake Sammamish should focus their attention around the mouth of Issaquah Creek or around the Weather Station in the middle of the lake. Lake Washington anglers should spend their time around the floating bridges as well as the South end of Mercer Island and around the mouth of the Cedar River. The fish are plentiful in both lakes and provide a great local opportunity to catch some fish!

Beautiful Lake Sammamish Cutthroat provide a great local fishing opportunity!

Winter Steelhead Opportunities:

Although the local steelhead opportunities on the Snohomish system have now closed anglers still can get out and chase some winter steelhead around the state. Anglers have the choice of fishing the Coastal waters or can head down south and focus their attention on rivers such as the Cowlitz or Skookumchuck River. Those heading to the Coast have a variety of rivers to be able to chase steelhead on.

Make sure you are prepared!

Whether you are heading to the coast or down south make sure to bring the gear to make you have a successful day on the water! Anglers heading to the coast should make sure to bring some pink worms such as the worms made by WFO. These worms are great for catching those big steelhead that are continuing to enter the river systems.

Anglers fishing both the coast or down south should also make sure to have a variety of spoons as well as jigs and beads. Steelhead beads both soft and hard in sizes from 8mm-20mm have been responsible for a handful of steelhead caught on the river systems recently. Floating a jig is always a great way to catch steelhead on any river system any time of the year as well. The standard colors such as white, nightmare, peach, and black are must haves in any steelhead fisherman’s jig box. Lastly, make sure to carry a few different sizes and colors of spoons such as the R&B or Pen Tac to generate aggressive heart stopping bites from a steelhead when all else fails!

Beautiful Native Steelhead like the one above await anglers willing to put their time in on the Coast!


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