Yamaha Outboards

3 Rivers Marine is the Seattle Metro area’s #1 Yamaha dealer. Now that’s saying something!

3 Rivers Marine is the leading authorized Yamaha sales and service center in the Seattle area. Our sales team is ready to help you outfit your vessel with the perfect outboards. The 3RM Service Center is dedicated to helping you keep your Yamaha motor in great working order, from basic maintenance to warranty repairs. Our experienced team of factory certified Yamaha technicians can tackle any project, whether it be basic engine services like a simple tune up to the bigger tasks like a complete engine rebuild.

Yamaha outboards are legendary for their reliability, performance and innovation. With over 30 years in the marine industry, their commitment to engineering the best motors in the business. Yamaha’s extensive line-up offers an outboard to meet any need.

Yamaha Offshore

Yamaha’s Offshore F300, F250 and F225 are excellent options for big boat applications. Considering that they are lightweight, extremely reliable and offer great fuel efficiency, they are our top choice when outfitting our larger saltwater vessels.

Yamaha V Max SHO

The VMAX SHO series offers the quick hole shot and acceleration needed for 2-stroke applications, but the quiet operation and fuel efficiency that Yamaha 4-strokes are famous for. A popular choice for main power on 21 to 25 foot shallow draft boats. Available in 115hp to 250hp.

In-line Four

These reliable four strokes offer great versatility with Yamaha’s reliability and convenience. Each model features a compact, lightweight inline four cylinder block. Overall these outboards are some of the most compact, lightweight, clean burning, and most quiet four strokes on the market. Available in F115, F150, F175 and F200.


Yamaha has a solution for every midrange power application. Coveted for their light weight, fuel efficiency and reliability. Available in F25, F40, F50, F60, F70, F75 and F90.

Portable Outboards

If you are looking to power a small jon boat, a canoe or an inflatable, the Yamaha portables are a perfect choice. These lightweight and easy to carry outboards are available from F2.5 up to F20.

High Thrust

Yamaha has designed this series to offer up to double the thrust of a comparable horsepower outboard. A high ratio gear case matched with a large diameter, low pitch prop gives you more push and more bite. Great for trolling and kicker applications. Available in T9.9, T25, T50 and T60.

Jet Drive

Fuel injected four stroke outboards that are compact, quiet and smooth running. Propeller free and powerful, these jet drives can get you through the skinniest water. Available in F40, F60, F90, F115 and F150.