Fishing Report November 1st, 2016

Skykomish River coho fishing has been really good, lots of big late season coho and not that much boat or bank pressure. Backtrolling Maglip 3.5 and Kwikfish K13/K14 plugs have been the ticket, a small sardine wrap on the underside of the plug will double your takedowns at times and also entice those gnarly Chum as well. For the boat crowd, fishing throughout the Skykomish from the mouth to the Wallace has been great, but I would imagine the Sultan area would have the highest concentration of fish, as they stage to head up the Wallace River, and the smaller feeder streams in the area that host runs of wild fish. Bank anglers have been doing well at the Lewis Street Bridge access in Monroe, Cracker Bar and Jim’s Rock in Sultan, and of course near the hatchery in the Wallace River itself. Go out and get em! Also, there are a few very soft-spoken customers of ours that have been buying sand shrimp, steelhead jigs and spoons… it wouldn’t surprise me if a few of them have already found a number of Winter Steelhead at Reiter and Cable Hole!


Fishing with John Thomas of Rotten Chum Guide Service. Skykomish River Coho caught this week on a Mag Lip 3.5 Misty River!

Skagit River has been making plenty of north end anglers happy. Some locals are calling 2016 one of the best Skagit River Coho years in recent memory! Lots of big fish, and plenty of fish still moving into the river even here in November! Primarily a drift boat or jet sled show, backtroll Mag Lip 3.5 plugs, twitch jigs, roll spinners, float fish eggs, you know the drill. Bank anglers can still walk into the Cascade River and find plenty of nice fish.


Skagit River Coho, photo courtesy River Chrome Guide Service.

Puget Sound Blackmouth will be open in our favorite local fishing areas. Marine Areas 8-1, 8-2, 9 and 10 offer so many great Blackmouth fishing spots that they are too numerous to count. West Possession Bar, Tin Shed, East Possession Bar, Hat Island, Race Track, Columbia Beach, Jeff Head and President’s Point are a few places to hit. Blackmouth don’t mind a faster troll compared to Summer Chinook fishing. Trolling with the new 11″ quick-detach Extractor flasher from Dick Nite has really increased the hook-up to landing ratio for guys using them, stop by 3 Rivers Marine for a full selection of colors. Fishing a flasher and Silver Horder Kingfisher 3.5″, Silver Horde Coho Killer, Ace-Hi Fly or old-school Hoochee are always standby setups. If you are fishing in a zone that is loaded with small “shaker” Blackmouth, cut off the flasher set up and run a Tomic 4″ plug directly on the end of your mono top-shot. The larger profile really helps to lower the catch of those pesky undersized “shakers”.


Lots of keeper Blackmouth to be caught in Central Puget Sound. Here is Cory Warnock with a dandy.

Puget Sound Squid and Crab! Lets talk Squid and Crabbing. Squidding has been off to a fast start and will only get better as we get closer to winter. Squidding is primarily a pier fishing endeavor, and here are a few great public fishing piers to hit.

  • Edmonds Pier south of the Edmonds, Washington ferry terminal
  • Pier 86 (Happy Hooker pier) near the Elliott Bay grain silos on the Downtown Seattle Waterfront
  • Seacrest Pier near the Elliott Bay Water Taxi in West Seattle
  • Redondo Pier in South King County

Boat anglers have been catching limits in Seattle’s Elliott Bay near the anchored barges just north of the Duwamish Waterways and near the piers of the Seattle waterfront. Glow squid jigs in pink, green or blue glow are key, also finding source of light into the water will increase your odds. Crabbing has been off to a great start as well since it reopened. Crabbing near Everett has been great!  Great time to get both squid and crab for a seafood feast!


Folks get lined up for the evening squid bite at West Seattle’s Seacrest Pier.

Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish anglers are catching some beautiful Cutthroat right now and fishing will just keep getting better into late winter. Trolling for Cutthroat Trout here is one of our favorite backyard opportunities, and with fewer pleasure boats are on the lake, it is a great time of year to escape for a couple hours of solitude close to home. Trolling just under the surface where the cutthroat feed, this fishery has some big fish that are great fun to catch on light tackle. Troll a Wedding Ring with tandem hooks and a portion of a nightcrawler a short leader length behind a Dick Nite 4/0 Dodger, Ford Fender or Mac’s Flash Lite (these are all attractors that draw in fish from a greater distance because of their flash and noise).

Cowlitz River is a great choice for anyone wishing to head South. Coho fishing at Barrier Dam has been consistent, but as the month ends most anglers will shift over to targeting Winter Steelhead. The beauty of the Cowlitz is that there is always something to fish for every month of the year! Bank anglers fishing the main river near Blue Creek should have a decent shot a catching Steelhead or Coho. Drift fishing with Cheater/Yarn or Eggs is the ticket to target both species. From a boat, side drifting or bobber dogging with fresh eggs is the go-to.

Coastal Rivers: Several Olympic Peninsula rivers are set to open November 16th. Calawah Ponds on the Bogachiel already have seen a ton of winter steelhead return. This early winter fishery is one of the best steelhead fishing options in the Pacific Northwest with a huge return and well worth the drive to Forks. Bring the floats, jigs and fresh sand shrimp if you plan on banking or floating the Bogey. Sol Duc, Bogey, Calawah and Hoh Rivers all open this month for salmon fishing, so check the rule book and plan your late season Coho/Chinook/early Winter Steelhead combo trip! Big Blue Fox Vibrax Spinners (#4-#6) and twitching jigs are standard issue out on the westside of the OP.


Lots of Chum to be caught around Western Washington!

The entire staff at 3 Rivers Marine lives and breathes fishing. Stop by the shop for up-to-date reports, where to go, and gear. We would love to help you succeed on your next fishing adventure.